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Custom Needly Application for Your Successful Business

Bulk Messaging WhatsApp

Send the Bulk Message on WhatsApp using Needly App

Auto Reply Calls

Set auto reply to your calls

Auto Reply To Message

Set auto reply to message

Book Appointments On WhatsApp

Using needly book your appointment

Call Tracking & Report

You can track your call and get reports using Needly

Schedule Whatsapp Message

You can schedule whatsapp messages using Needly

Design Your Websiter

You can create and design your websiter using Needly

Online Order System

You can create your online order system using Needly

Survey Data Using WhatsApp Messages

You can survey data using whatsapp messages in Needly

On Go Transaction

You can Go To Transaction using Needly

Complete Accounting Module

In Needly App Available Complete Accounting Module

Salary And Attendance Management

Management salary and Attendance using Needly

Needly Forms

You can create your own form using Needly

Chatbot on Whatsapp

You can Chatbot using Needly

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