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About Us Needly SOS

The Best Application for Your Safety

SOS Alert is an emergency app which helps you out whenever your safety is at risk by reaching out to your emergency contacts and providing them with your current location.

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Why Choose Us Needly SOS

Needly SOS App is Protect to You And Your Family

Effective Solutions

We offer services to ensure application quality.


We can develop app that are good in a Security Manner

Expert Team

No matter how complex idea you have, we are a team of professionals with expertise in advanced technologies.

24/7 Support

Customer support are available for 24/7. ask any queries or question

Our Services in Needly SOS

Custom Needly SOS Application for Your Safety

Child Safety

Provide Safety for your child using Needly SOS

Women Safety

Share a your current location in emergency with your family member

GOV Help Line No

Access police station mobile no near by your current location

Mobile Security

Provide Security for your mobile phone

News and Testimonial

Using Needly SOS app...

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Pricing Plans

We are Offering Competitive Prices for Our Clients

Child Safety

For Your Child Safety

300.00/ Month

Child Safety

Women Safety

For Women Safety

600.00/ Month

Women Safety

Mobile Security

For Your Mobile Security

500.00/ Month

Mobile Security
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Customer support are available for 24/7. ask any queries or question.

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